William Hill


William Hill is a name synonymous with bookmakers and is still going strong with the best of them, having celebrated it’s 75th year in 2009. It’s online poker site offers rapid game play, very smoothly put together. It has been described as a little bit simplistic, but it would argue that there is no need for the flashy images and graphics that some of its competitors provide, the old adage is ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it!’

Certainly 2,000-3,000 cash players and upwards of 9,000 tournament players would seem to agree, as that is the average numbers who can be found at peak times playing on William Hill poker, making it one of the largest and definitely one of the safest on the net. There is a school of thought too, that some of these graphics occasionally mask problems elsewhere, which do eventually become apparent.

The site is very easy to navigate and possesses several very useful extras, not always found on rival sites. Such as, hand histories and a very clever ‘mini mode’ view which can be ideal if wanting to play more than one table at a time; indeed as many as 12 tables can be on the go simultaneously. The welcoming screen is a lobby area, which again skips all the fancy flashy characters in favour of a more informative introduction, with average pot sizes and likely hands per hour amongst the impressive facts and figures made available.

Like all the poker room sites, William Hill’s main event is Texas Hold’em , but it’s pot limit Omaha also proves a popular option at the lower end of the stakes market. The majority of games played at William Hill poker are for 6 players. As the poker room is connected to the giant Sportsbook, it does attract a few more casual visitors who fancy a little dabble at poker, but unfortunately they soon discover that, although luck does play a part, there is quite a large degree of skill involved and as a consequence, many find it an expensive glimpse! This also has the effect of decreasing the average for the standard of poker player on the site.

The VIP Club is a very progressive part of William Hill poker as the points accumulated by members allows benefits attributed to various levels and these levels are achievable dependent on the frequency of visits and cash amounts placed. There are cash-backs, boosters, free-rolls, and live sponsorship into tournaments on offer.

They also run something known as the ‘Bad Beats Bonus’, which allows a beaten player in a showdown, who held a very good hand which in many other circumstances would have been a winning hand, to be treated like a winner and consequently are awarded a bonus of $150 certainly eases the pain of defeat. Another potential avenue to make money on William Hill poker is their refer a friend program, in which the introduction of a new member to the site leads to both of you receiving a $50 bonus – members of a rugby team could clean up!

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