Know How To Play Poker

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The game of poker has gain popularity in most countries of the world. Poker is an interesting game since it has several deviations that you can play as a way of passing time. There are several sites that teaches one the technique required in playing poker, or better still you can join your friends as they play poker and slowly by slowly you will master the techniques of playing poker. You can learn poker lessons in the Internet since some are free although a times you may require a poker coach.

The game of poker is usually played with 52 cards with a suit of four but other deviations of the game play using the Joker as well. The joker is used in any selected suit. The four suits are Hearts, Clubs, Spades and Diamonds. In some poker games, the four are ranked equally in value but in other games, some of the suits are superior to others. General poker rules dictate that the Ace has the highest value followed by the King, Queen and Jack respectively. Other times though, the Ace has the lowest value of the entire deck.

During a poker training session, the trainer will tell you that every poker hand has five hands and the individual with the highest hand in value wins that game. If there is a tie, the money that is won is divided equally to the winning hands. The number of cards handed out to a player depends on the game that is being played. The Five card stud; where each player gets five cards facing down and the seven card stud; where each player gets seven down facing cards, are the most popular forms of poker.

For a beginner, Draw poker is the best game to play. Here, five cards are handed to each player that can be exchanged once everyone has done their betting. When the game begins, a dealer is selected from among the players. Each player then places a bet that is placed at the center of the table. This initial fee is referred to as an ante. The total amount that is collected from all the players is known as the pot.

The dealer will then hand out five cards to each player starting with the player seated on his immediate right. All cards face down when they are being dealt. When this process is completed, the game begins. If there is only one player remaining when the game ends, he is the automatic winner and he doesn’t have to reveal his hand to the other players.

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